Mirabel's Story


Mirabel is an Australian Children's Charity that was established in Victoria in 1998 and extended into New South Wales in 2003. Mirabel is the vision of Jane Rowe, who identified a vulnerable group of children and took action to make a positive difference in their lives. In her work as a drug and alcohol counsellor, Jane witnessed the devastating effects that drug use has on the children of drug users and the cycle of abuse that repeats itself through generations if action is not taken.


Jane believed that it was possible to bring about positive change to the lives of these children. Through her insight, passion and experience, she has raised awareness of this vulnerable group of children and in December 1998, with the support of countless individuals, Mirabel was launched with a two-night benefit concert in Melbourne.


Since this time, Mirabel has provided vital assistance and support to thousands of children living throughout Victoria and New South Wales.


The Mirabel Fable: The Mirabel fable tells the story of a woman who loved and cared for vulnerable and neglected children. Although her resources were scarce, Mirabel never turned a child away. Today Mirabel lives on through the Mirabel Foundation.