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The child is central to Mirabel's organisational structure. All of Mirabel's programs and services are built around the needs of the child, their kinship carers and their community.


Mirabel supports children aged 0-17 years and works at restoring a child’s sense of self-worth, belonging and hope for the future in order for them to reach their full potential as young adults. Mirabel believes that investing in children is the most compassionate and economic investment we can make.


Mirabel provides advocacy, referral, research, practical and emotional assistance to the children and their kinship carers. We lead the way in providing a community response to these families and reducing the stigma and isolation they experience.  Our many and varied programs include:


Early Intervention

"Mirabel is the most wonderful foundation that has brought a lot of happy times and support during difficult times."

Daniel, grandfather carer


Mirabel’s Early Intervention Program provides intake, assessment and referral for new families as well as those who are experiencing a current crisis. This program ensures that vulnerable children receive sufficient practical and emotional support to enable them to remain with their siblings in appropriate and nurturing family environments.


Recreation Program

"Mirabel is a place where you get to meet other kids in your situation."

Jake, 12 years


Mirabel’s Recreation Program reduces isolation and the stigma of parental drug use through the provision of exciting recreational experiences. Bringing large numbers of children together results in a sense of connection and acceptance amongst the children that can only be achieved through the realisation that you are not alone in your experiences. Who would have thought that recreation could mean so much?


Therapeutic Groups

"Mirabel is a fun, loving place that helps you when you’re feeling down."

Amy, 10 years


Mirabel’s Therapeutic Groups provide a forum for children to address and share their grief, trauma, laughter and tears with empathy for one another. Through the provision of regular therapeutic activities and the support of their peers, the children are able to identify and manage their feelings more effectively and practice healthy ways of expressing themselves.


Youth Support

"Mirabel is somewhere that I can talk about anything and they understand."

Miles, 14 years


Mirabel works closely with young people aged 13–18 years who are experiencing crisis and are potentially at a high risk of repeating the destructive behaviours of their parents. Mirabel’s youth workers help the young people to remain connected at school, build stronger relationships with their kinship carers, practice safe behaviours and develop a positive outlook on life.



"Mirabel gives kids a sense of hope."

Harry, 12 years


Mirabel’s Education Program provides educational assessment, school resources, advocacy and tutoring for young people who are struggling with essential literacy and numeracy skills. Improving the academic outcomes of these young people improves their options for the future and ultimately provides a pathway out of the cycle of poverty, low self-esteem and disadvantage.


Family Camps & Events

"Mirabel is an amazing organisation who makes us feel part of society when faced with the biggest challenge of our lives."

Michael, grandfather carer.


Mirabel’s Family Camps and Events meet the needs of large numbers of children and carers at one time. These experiences are not only extremely powerful for the participants, they are also the most financially sustainable way to cater for the growing numbers of Mirabel families. Kinship carers report a great sense of relief and renewed perspective after participating in the program.


Kinship Carer Support Groups

"Mirabel is my life saver. They help get you through the grief…"

Penny, grandmother carer


Mirabel’s Kinship Carer Support Groups provide parenting information, peer support and understanding for previously isolated grandparents and other kinship carers. Improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of kinship carers is a crucial factor in providing for the long-term safety and stability of the Mirabel children. These groups have become an essential lifeline of support and understanding for kinship carers.



"It feels like I get more out of being on camp than the kids. I wish I could do more."

Christie, Mirabel volunteer


Mirabel’s Volunteer Program provides opportunities for individuals to become involved with Mirabel activities and establish a connection to the community. With the help of our many volunteers, Mirabel is able to meet the needs of the growing group of children whilst keeping our operating costs to a minimum. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to reach as far and wide as we do.


Social Awareness Programs

"Mirabel is an organisation that helps young people who don’t live with their parents."

Jessie, 10 years


Mirabel continues to work hard to bring about social change for the Mirabel children and their kinship carers. We advocate for change at a government, community and social level. Our aim is for Mirabel children to be able to walk with their heads held high, without judgement, knowing that we all understand and can help with the struggles they face.