Salvation Jane - Melbourne Weekly Magazine

'Salvation Jane' is the story of Mirabel's Founder Jane Rowe and the evolution of the Mirabel Foundation from humble beginnings to helping over 1,700 children in Victoria and NSW. The article written by Beau Donelly details Jane's upbringing in the UK and follows her transition from counsellor at Windana to CEO of the Mirabel Foundation. For the first 18 months of Mirabel,  Jane and the 12 founding members sat around her kitchen table brainstorming their vision. “We didn’t want to duplicate services or be so broad that we’d be doing a lot of everything but nothing properly,” Jane said. “Originally, we were going to help only kids who had been orphaned by parental drug use. Then we thought, ‘Let’s not wait for them to be orphaned because many of them had already been abandoned . . . there was no support for extended family in this situation who took the kids in.” Read the full 'Salvation Jane' article.