On 2 June 2022, three generations of the Fairfax family gathered for the 60th anniversary of the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation. Since 1962, VFFF has distributed more than $200 million to Australian communities. Honouring this tradition, the family decided to celebrate its anniversary with a special granting program.

Thank you to the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation for your generous grant and ongoing support of Mirabel's work. 

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VFFF 60th Anniversary Grant Recipients.

VFFF 60th Anniversary Grant Recipients.

Top Row (L-R): John Ralph (Gawura), Stefan Lamour-Jansson (The Girls & Boys Brigade), Bernie Shakeshaft (BackTrack), Kevin Du Preez (Monkey Baa Theatre Company), Addie Wootten (Smiling Mind).

Bottom Row (L-R): Loren Miller (Outward Bound Australia), Jane Rowe OAM (Mirabel Foundation), Melissa Abu-Gazaleh (Top Blokes Foundation), Jacquie Emery (Royal Far West), Margo Ward (KidsXpress) and Chris Puplick AM (Australian Theatre for Young People).

Mirabel's CEO, Jane Rowe, recently featured on Triple J’s podcast 'Days Like These'. The interview gives a great insight into how Mirabel came about and beautifully captures Jane’s incredible compassion - Listen to the podcast here 

"Jane saw that the government just stepped away from these families, often leaving aunts or single grandmothers to magically find the funds to feed and clothe three, four or in one particular case five children; five boys under the age of 11," Ms McCrea said.." - Mirabel staff member Elizabeth McCrea speaks to Isabel Bird from The Advocate.

Read the full article here.  Posted: Saturday, 11 May 2019

"I went home that night, and it just haunted me. Everyone reads about drug users, the stereotypes, down and out on the street, but addiction doesn’t discriminate and no one ever thinks about what happens to the kids who get left." 

Mirabel's CEO, Jane Rowe, chats with Hamish McLachlan for the Herald Sun

Read the full article here. Sunday, 28 Apr 2019 - Page 36

From a small idea in 1998 Mirabel has grown beyond all expectations, assisting thousands of children. As Mirabel marks our 20th year, we’ve created a short brochure to mark this particular milestone. It captures some of our stories, growth and impact to date.

Portal to a magical world: Lyn Mallett makes minature rooms for Mirabel children. "A lot of our kids haven’t had the privilege of lots of toys or material goods, so to get a gift like that, there’s just awe and wonder," Ms Rowe said. - The Age. 

Read the full article here. Posted: 3 July 2018.