FOLO - Online Shopping


If you shop online, you can support Mirabel without spending another cent with FOLO.


What is FOLO – FOLO, an abbreviation of ‘For Love’, is a free extension for your computer browser that enables you to generate funds for causes you care about, just by shopping online. You shop at the same online stores, for the same prices, and generate donations for Mirabel. It’s that simple.


How does FOLO work - When browsing Google or visiting a store online, FOLO highlights retailers who will donate to charity when you shop. The image below shows you what this will look like in your browser. Every time you make a purchase, the retailer pays a percentage of the sale to the charity you choose. It does not come out of your pocket.


How to install FOLO – it’s simple and takes less than a minute to install FOLO. You can do it here.


Please share – If your friends or family shop online and may be interested in supporting Mirabel, please pass on our FOLO link.


FOLO lets you support charity at no extra cost. Please join FOLO here so that when you shop online, the retailer donates to Mirabel.



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