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When the children arrive - A resource book for Kinship Carers



When the children arrive was originally written in 2001 to assist carers address and recognise some of the problems and concerns that may arise from their new and sudden circumstances. Many of these issues remain as prevalent today and these, as well as current information, are in this updated edition of this book.

The Mirabel Foundation was established in 1998 to support carers and children with their unique and specific needs. Since that time we have encountered countless families from a range of heart breaking circumstances, all with different stories and problems. It is the combination of grief and loss with the ramifications of a loved one’s drug abuse that make these kinship families both unique and complicated. However, there are also some commonalities with their issues and it is these shared experiences and questions we touch on in this book.





Max & Tyra - Mirabel Children's Book



'And that's when it all started. Or, should I say, that's when it all ended. At that moment it felt like our normal family fell apart…' Mirabel's beautiful children’s book tells the story of two children coming to terms with the loss of their mother due to illicit drug use and their experiences living with their Nan.