Mirabel House


A new home for Mirabel


“It’s always been a dream to have our own premises. Somewhere for us all to call home.”

Jane Rowe, CEO


Design For Mirabel is a fundraising initiative dedicated to the building of a proper home base for the Mirabel Foundation.


Mirabel House will become the home for all things Mirabel; an office for staff, a drop-in centre for children and carers and an events space for activities and programs run by the foundation.

It will feature large multi-purpose spaces designed by international interior designer Diane Bergeron, ensuring a special and welcoming environment for children and their families.


The property will feature:

  • Large multi-purpose room for events, support group meetings and movie nights
  • Chef’s Kitchen for catering
  • Indoor/outdoor staff room
  • Study area for after-school homework and tutoring sessions
  • Library filled with children’s books for all ages
  • Storage for donations and birthday gifts
  • Garden and relaxing outdoor space
  • Offices for Mirabel staff
  • Reception
  • Boardroom
  • Bathrooms


Watercolour pic

If you are interested in how you can help out with the house please contact us at mirabel@mirabelfoundation.org.au


To make a donation or buy a tile go to: https://www.mirabelfoundation.org.au/buy-a-tile