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‘Softies For Mirabel’ is an annual handmade toy drive for the Mirabel children. Every year the toy drive is open to all crafty participants who wish to knit, crochet or sew a Softie or two. Participants are encouraged to be as creative as they like as each Softie will be matched to the age, likes and needs of a Mirabel child. To join in next years campaign take a look at the announcements on the Mirabel website / Facebook / Twitter and the Meet Me At Mike's blog.

Latest News

In October 2012, Softies For Mirabel was launched by Meet Me At Mike's. For the sixth year in a row, Pip put the call out to the craft community to make a "handmade buddy" for the Mirabel children. All participants were encouraged to share their "Made-With-Love" Softies on social media and blogs. Many participants uploaded photos on the Softies For Mirabel Flickr group,  tweeted or Instagramed photos or details about Softies for Mirabel using the #softiesformirabel hashtag, and shared Facebook posts with their friends. The Softies were displayed in the shopfront window of Meet Me At Mike's in late December and will be distributed to the Mirabel chilren in 2013. 

 * Image courtesy of Meet Me At Mike's

How Softies For Mirabel began

The campaign is the brainchild of Pip Lincolne, Melbourne craft enthusiast and owner of Meet Me At Mike’s store in Fitzroy, Victoria. Pip approached Mirabel in 2007 as she started an appeal on the Meet Me At Mike’s blog calling for the global craft community to make soft toys to donate to the Mirabel children. Pip believes that crafting should create something positive and as a result this popular blog has driven the campaign for 6 years. This "person to person hand-made appeal” keeps getting bigger and better every year as more people learn about Mirabel and contribute Softies to help make a difference to the life of a Mirabel child.